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October's contest

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ok, so this months contest for the clan was hard to come up with at first. i knew thanksgiving would be on peoples minds... and that they may not have much time or interest to do much for this month either... then i started to think about the dish i had to bring for this thanksgiving.. and then i thought.... food... hey why not... i'm going to be testing out recipes and stuff anyways... why not get some recipes for free from the members XD. now knowing this may be a bit much for me to eat... and also my tastes are different recruiting others was a must.

on other news my grandparents are going to be coming down for thanksgiving... which means that i'll end up being a tad stressed... having them over is 'always' lovely *rolls eyes*

i've taken up runescape once again.... i may or may not become a member again... its hard to say... i'll be trying to level up some of my skills first. and getting used to the game again before i do so.

i'm going to atempt at looking at ways to improve the clan in general. see if i can get people to join from runescape or not... or even from mabinogi. its hard to say as i'm not going to have a subscription to mabinogi till i get a new computer.

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