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New contest at ronin warriors

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Hailfire said...
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sigh, yet another month and another atempt at making a cool contest. i decided to make a post about the new contests each month to let you get a bit of an insight of my mind.... i guess....

there was really no insparation besides it being october... aka haloween. for some thought the game fear kept running through my mind... gotta get ahold of that game for this month >:) that would be so awesome.

anyways, we're having a short story contest. i'm hoping that they'll be someone who enters. i wanna have a scarry story. and if there isent anyone who enters i'll direct them to a freind of mine's story "Brynk of Insanity" its a good read

and because the liklyhood of anyone entering a story i threw in a tektek contest for a costume.

i also had the thoughts of puns being thrown in there... don't know why...


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I would join, sadly, the college that I am at, has blocked the gaia site. So it may take me a while to even do things on that site. I'm sorry, but the story seems to come along rather slowly. ^^;
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