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Hello all

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Hailfire said...
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With this being my first blog on here i figured i would introduce you all to myself, my gaming style and whatever else comes to mind.

I am a 25 year old gamer since the old Nintendo days living through Mario and duck hunt to SEGA and echo the dolphin (used to love that game so much!) to the Playstation and Playstation 2. i currently do not have a Playstation 3 but i hope to one day buy one.

I've always loved reading and fantasy games allowing me to escape out of myself and into the character. the final fantasy 7 was our first game on our playstation and i've been a fan of the series since. it was also around this time that we obtained whipeout XL, crash bandicoot, jet moto, twisted metal, resident evil, and mid evil

one thing i do have to apologize for is my lack of being able to spell... without the spell check that's built into firefox you would be ripping out your eyes.

the first MMO that i was introduced to was Last Chaos, i wasn't sure what i was stepping into when i joined but after complications that were developing on the computer i quit. i hope to one day have my own gaming computer and return to the game one day. the next MMO was runescape where i experienced the pleasures and the let down of becoming a payed member to something. i did not have enough time to even be worth the money that i spent on that game.

then gaia came out with zOMG! and i experienced a true MMO community even though its still in beta. that was when i had started Ronin Warriors out of a whim and became an active clan.

now, with people going separate ways but yet wanting to stay in touch i've created a spot for my clan to help us all keep in touch and to expand to other directions.
Last Chaos

Last Chaos (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date:

Runescape (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot (PS)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 09/SEP/96
Jet Moto

Jet Moto (PS)

Genre/Style: Racing/Futuristic Racing
Release Date:
Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal (PS)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Vehicle Shooter
Release Date:
Resident Evil

Resident Evil (PS)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date:

MediEvil (PS)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 21/OCT/98


Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 05/FEB/09
Emblem for Ronin Warriors

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Ronin Warriors

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