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Being a leader sure is hard

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Hailfire said...
  • frustrated
came up with an activation idea for my clan on zOMG! Thing is i got it at 1 in the morning -.- why must my good ideas always come late at night?

anyways, it should bring people back into the clan as well as gamerDNA's clan as well....... i hope..... if not then o well i tried and i'll just leave the clan to die. i can't be worried about it anymore.

on the positive side of things in Mabinogi i finally managed to get both of my black wolf formor scroll quests done. now i just have the brown dire wolf to go T_T and they're tougher. so its going to take me awhile... thing is i've had it since the first time around that i went fishing. i need to make space so i can get the moon items!!!

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