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Hailfire said...
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i've been neglicting all my other online areas recently as i recived a 4 month subcription for x-mas (on top of my 3 months i bought previously) so i'm going to be on there for awhile... to be honest i've become burned out on alot of other sites... gaia's gotten old since i've beaten zomg... and the facebook games... well my mom's been the one who's wanted me to do all the facebook games... ^^;

i finaly recived a psp at last (a gift from my mom) and got it with the assassins creed game... (not sure if i'll ever really play it to be honest... at least i'll be good money for a trade in :3

i'm glad that i finaly got it as now i'm able to play HM boy and girl. the miniral town game was by far my most favorite being the one that got me started in harvest moon. i'm so glad to be able to play as a girl watch out cliff i'm going after you! X3

i also got rogue's galaxy as well for x-mas... from my brother. i heard that it was a good game but i'm not going to be starting that any time soon. though i will be looking forward to it.

my other gifts were: complete season of inuyasha, first 2 seasons of ghost in the shell stand alone complex, some china blue cups, teapot and fish dishes... (the tea pot and fish dishes will be given to someone else however as they are really not my style at all) and some jeans (which although very cute were too small for me T_T)

this was one of my better x-mas as we didn't have nearly as far to drive than we used to.. we had a blast in Las Vegas and was able to finaly take time looking at fremont street. though next time we'll be going to look at the major hotels closer.

and the major thing that we got to see was..... BLUE MAN GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY COW!!! THEY WERE SO AWSOME!!! it is so totaly worth going to see them it was so awesome, it was such a cool experience and we were in the splash zone! it was so beautiful, funny and awe inspiring! if you haven't seen it please go at least once in your life! it will be worth it!

Runescape (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date:
Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy (PS2)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 30/JAN/07
Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl

Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (PSP)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 31/JUL/07
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